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A unique, brand new, natural, revolutionary treatment

Our international network of Dermomask centres are specialised in the permanent treatment of stretch marks, scars and pigmentation spots.

Our treatments

Stretch marks

A natural, permanent treatment to eliminate white, red and deep stretch marks.


A natural, revolutionary treatment of scars.


A treatment that evens out facial skin.


They chose Dermomask

No better advertising than feedback from our patients


Our answers to some of your questions.

Do you offer payment plans?

With Dermomask, you can get finance and pay by instalments in 6, 9 or 12, at no extra cost!

I have had stretch marks for over 20 years, can you make them go away?

Of course! We treat all forms of stretch marks, whether recent or older.

How many sessions will be needed to eliminate my stretchmarks?

Typically, in just one or three sessions,we can improve for good your
stretch marks. We keep working on your stretch marks until we get an optimal result, with no extra fees.

My skin is matte – is this treatment compatible with my skin type?

One of the strengths of our technique is that it is suitable for all kind of skin tones.

How much do you charge to eliminate scars?

As each case is different, a consultation will be needed to determine the price of your treatment.