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We treat your stretch marks and scars for good using a natural technique that is unique in the world.

Dermomask® is a patented treatment process for the definitive treatment of stretch marks, scars and pigmentation spots.

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Stretch marks

Dermomask® is suitable for all skin colours and can permanently eliminate different types of stretch marks (red, purple, white, hollow, striated).


Dermomask® adapts to all skin colours and helps to permanently eliminate scars caused by various events, with the exception of keloids.


Dermomask® adapts to all skin colours and helps to permanently eliminate facial scars (acne, cuts, etc.) and pigmentation spots.

A revolutionary patented technique developed through years of research.

Dr. Gary Horn

Plastic surgeon


We answer your questions.

Can I pay in instalments ?

Yes, at Dermomask you can pay in 5 to 12 instalments free of charge, as we adapt to each patient.

I've had stretch marks/scars for many years. Can you make them disappear ?

Of course, Dermomask® can be used to treat all types of stretch marks, no matter how old they are or how they look. The same goes for scars, with one exception: those categorised as keloids.

How many sessions are needed to treat my stretch marks/scars ?

In general, one to three sessions are enough to get rid of them for good. It’s important to know that our teams will always go as far as possible to optimise the result without increasing the price.

I have black skin. Is this treatment compatible with my skin ?

One of the strengths of our technique is that it adapts to all skin tones and types.

What are Dermomask's prices ?

As each case is different, our teams will need to see you in consultation to study your needs and the solutions we can offer you, drawing up a precise diagnosis and a personalised quotation.